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              XLifeSc was established in 2012.  Over the years, several veteran scientists had been recruited from renowned companies and research institutes around the world.  With many years of expertise and experience in the field of immunology, protein and genetic engineering, bioprocessing, and viral production, the glamorous scientific team is an extremely valuable asset which would not only assure the generation of a sustainable product pipeline but also establish our leading position in the TCR therapy arena both domestically and globally in years to come.


             In the path toward a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, we are relentlessly seeking out a variety of partnerships to explore avenues that could potentially further consolidate our long-term strategic goal of becoming a leading global player in the sector of precision medicine.  By collaborating with a number of top-notch medical centers in China, we are currently conducting several Phase I clinical trials on various indications such as non-small cell lung cancer, synovial sarcoma and other kinds of solid tumors.  

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